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Market oriented, tailored high-quality products, occupy the commanding heights of research and development

      As a high-tech enterprise and private enterprise of science and technology, CVATOP has always been the research work on enterprise development strategy system, unswervingly strengthen the management of scientific research, increase research investment, promote the construction of scientific research platform, greatly enhance the technical force of scientific research.

      CVATOP R & D center is the core of CVATOP technology company, has a large number of technical elite, composed of senior experts and the electrochemical industry elite professional technical team of more than and 30 people, and has domestic and foreign advanced testing equipment. The main function of the R & D center is the development and integration of the latest technology, products and technology through research and development is closely related to the development of CVATOP, as do katop technology R & D center savings, with a clear development strategy, resource utilization, development advantages and future.

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Chemical Laboratory


Safety testing room

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Measurement ratio and cycle performance

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Vibration test

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Constant temperature and humidity, cold and hot shock

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High temperature formation

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Moisture measuring instrument

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Particle size measuring instrument

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